History of the group

Material Eléctrico - Sevilla

Gómez Maqueda was born in Seville in 1926 in his founder’s house. Rafael Gómez Maqueda (from here comes the name), founded the company in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, in the heart of the city. It currently is one of the oldest company in the city and the most ancient electrical material provider.

At the beginning it wasn’t easy. The shop was made of a wooden desk and a small warehouse with the only existent materials at that time. Thanks to the efforts and the desire of doing things right, Rafael and his family made the shop even more prosperous and profitable.

In 1930 they expanded their facilities by buying a small warehouse in the neighborhood and they were suddenly known in the whole city.

In the seventies, after the founder’s death, the store passed to the Urbano family, his nephews, with whom the business experimented a great growth which turned Gómez Maqueda into the company it is today.

In this decade, due to the lack of spaces, the company moved to Gonzalo Bilbao street in an ancient textile factory where, little by little, it became one of the most important companies in Seville and Andalusia in the electrical material distribution sector.

In this thirty years, from that moment until 2000, is when we can see the biggest growth as three more companies were born to be part of the Gomez Maqueda group. They are Alesur, located in Jerez de la Frontera, bought in 1983 to expand the business in the Cadiz area, Tecniluz specialised in ornamental lighting and finally Sedisa, the corporate company which provides services for the whole group

Alesur is located in Cuatro caminos, one of the main entrances of Jerez de la Frontera, where it has been serving local customers for more than 25 years. During the last decade this local service has been expanded by a large-scale industrial specialization with facilities adapted to this activity: a technical-commercial office, warehouses and a large area of preparation of shipments for the collection of bulky material destined to national and international projects, facilitating the technical inspections and logistical necessities.

From here, it currently carries on its activity in a solid and professional way, having a current team of 70 professionals, and a turnover as a group that amounts to 14 million euros.


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