Frame contracts

Alesur proposes to his clients collaboration Frame Contracts which include not only an electrical parts supply adapted to your necessities, but also specialised services to contribute to your growth:  

Continuous improvement

  • Process Analysis
  • Detection of improvement points
  • Diagnosis and technical proposal
  • Implementation and follow-up


Integration of the Computer Process

  • Presentation of the IT Management
  • Data Processing and Copying
  • IT Application
  • SAP System Interaction
  • Data Transmission via FTP / EDI
  • Order Validation
  • Auto-Billing


Customer Rate Integration

  • Integration of Customer Rates through IT Application


Proposal for the Consignment

  • Shared management of the consignment:
    • Items
    • Logistics
    • Documentation
  • Personalised service
  • Saving Guarantee


Joint management of items

  • Code Computing Management (article-code association per plant)
  • Treatment study and unification of codes
  • Standardization of Items and Brands
  • Rotational study by plants stock optimization (critical parts)

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